Jan. 9th, 2017


Jan. 9th, 2017 01:19 pm
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So let’s say someone felt compelled to write about the time a brave woman goes back in time to work with her younger self to keep a truly terrible person from being elected leader of a country? What would be a good name for the garbage bag wearing a human suit?
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So, here's a closeup of all the little dudes on my bookcase. I am a magpie mixed with a packrat.

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Here's all the stuff in my china cabinet.

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I collect salt&pepper shakers. I also went through a penguin phase and am currently in an owl phase. And other stuff that catches my eye.
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And here are the little dudes who live in my room. First up: my full body puppet collection. I've been collecting them since I was an infant - my grandfather gave my first one, a beaver. In the picture, he's being held by the sloth. There are A LOT more, but they're packed up at my parents' house. I don't have nearly enough room in my apt. Then there's the little round dudes, the miniature little round dudes, the fictional character little dudes, the miscellaneous little dudes, the stuffed animals, the team spirit little dudes, and finally the caterpillar and ladybug little dudes.

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