Jan. 17th, 2017

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A few comments asked, so instead of answering each, I'll put it here.

It was an electrical fire. It started in the wall of my roommate's room. She was sleeping on the couch; either the smell, the fire alarm, or her shouting woke me up. Or all three.

We tried putting it out. I thought we had. I remember hearing Gus meow, I think as he ran into my room while I was figuring out the fire extenisher.

The upstairs neighbor rushed to check on us and then went into the apartment to check on the fire. I was on the phone with 911.

He told us it wasn't out. He went back upstairs to get his toddler.

I shouted for Gus. I think I went back in to try and find him but my roommate wouldn't let me.

It was so hot. I couldn't breathe or see. I shouted for Gus.

The fire climbed up the wall to the upstairs neighbor's apartment. About six fire trucks came. I called my mom, the apartment lady, and my lilsis.

We ran out of the apartment in our nightclothes, with our phones. That was it.

All of my stuff has smoke and heat damage, but the flames stayed in her room. We watched it billow out of her window. The firemen kept telling me to back up, and I asked at least three of them if I could go in to find Gus. They told me no.

I don't remember much more of that morning. I kept breaking down.

I had a panic attack at the hospital. My mom and sister keep telling me that I'm not a burden and they're just glad I'm still here.

If my roommate hadn't moved in, the fire alarm wouldn't have been on the wall. I may not have woken up. I may have stayed longer in the apartment.

I've gone back twice, while my family pulled out what they could. Looking at it... the fire chief said we're really lucky.

Until the electricity was cut, the fire wouldn't go out. There was nothing we could've done.
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I've been told that it's best to try and go back to the usual routine.

I wrote last week and it felt good, after so long of not writing.

With that in mind, anyone got any prompts? Just nothing involving fire or cats.


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