Apr. 1st, 2017

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So we start the racist truck episode.

My mom: tells me about that creepyass experience we had on a highway in the same spot the racist truck is chasing down the victim, that involved temperature dropping and fog.



I still love the fact that the boys don’t act racist at all.


Now Mom’s complaining about the bayou in this scene. *snickers*


I like Cassie a lot more now, but wow, this dialogue is kinda stilted.


Mom: That truck is not from the 60s.


And mom is complaining about the state of the body trapped inside a truck in a swamp for forty years.


On to Nightmares! Mom says that’s perfect since we’ve both been having strange dreams.

How is Jared Padalecki so good at puppy dog eyes?


Okay, the true vessels for Michael and Lucifer, pretending to be priests. And doing it badly. This is awesome.


“Our dark spots are pretty dark.” Understatement.


There’s still something about Dean’s reaction at the end of Nightmares, the way he says “All things considered.”
Add that reaction in with Dean saying that he’s the one thing Max didn’t have, and the look on his face right before the credits - I’m not sure what all we learn about their childhood in the later seasons, but I’m sure Dean took at least one beating after Sam did something to piss John off. Damnit.



Dude, this was my favorite ep for a long time. Protective Dean Winchester is my favorite flavor.


I still don’t understand HOW the kidnappings work. Are they hiding under the cars? How can any of them take Sam?


Why did they film this show so fucking dark? You can’t see anything.




I remember not liking Shadow much; let’s see if that changes.

Also: the boys look SO LITTLE in their costumes! Oh my gosh.


Oh, Dean. All he has is his family, and they keep either leaving him behind or wanting to. Shit. How he is STILL my favorite character even though I literally haven’t watched this show in years?


“Baby, I’ve killed a lot more for a lot less.” I do like that line.


Yeah, I still don’t care about Shadows. And I still don’t understand John’s thought process in this ep.

But HELL HOUSE, oh yeah.

Dean, what the fuck, singing about fires taking lovers away? SERIOUSLY?


So, the Winchesters have supernatural healing. Yup.

But the scene with the kids describing what happened, it’s hilarious.



Wow, Dean and Sam can be so intimidating, and it’s awesome. And then, they’re just taking the piss out of people, and that’s awesome, too.


Mom: A little gratuitous nakedness? No one minds that, right? I don’t mind it. He’s a good-looking kid.

Also: Sam should have SO MANY SCARS. But supernatural healing.


“What would Buffy do?”


I love when the boys act like brothers. My favorite part of the show.


God, this ep gives me so many ideas for Dean being a tulpa.


“I’m the oldest, which means I’m always right.”

I totally agree with that, Dean.


“I was sleepin’ with my peepers open.” *sporfle* And Sam’s still laughing about it hours later.


WHY is this woman leaving one of her sons alone with a stranger and letting another stranger drive her to the hospital? Two humongous men who literally showed up the night before. And now one of them is in her son’s hospital room! Really?


Jensen Ackles does intimidating SO WELL. Damn. He’s so pretty you forget sometimes how big he is.


WOW, they are beating us over the head with the brother parallels between Dean&Sam and Michael&Asher. And was it intentional, the older brother being named Michael? Or just a coincidence with a very common name?

Also, god, I’m realizing that SO MANY of the old screencaps I had of Dean came from this ep. Damn, he’s so gorgeous.

Sam: I wish I could have that kind of innocence.
Dean: If it means anything, sometimes I wish you could, too.

Not for himself, of course. For Sam.
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So, I’m pretty sure Provenance is the reason I detest creepy old photographs of people.


Wow, Dean’s got quite a “die, you gravy sucking pig” look.


Sarah Blake is awesome.


“Low sodium freaks.”


So, their reactions to John knocking on the window is adorable.


I do not understand John’s thought processes when the boys were growing up. He kept them completely separate from the hunting community why? Did they explain that later?

John taking out his anger at Sam on Dean… Bet that’s a cycle that goes back years.


Dean trying to keep the peace - ouch. He’s such a caretaker.


CHRIST this show is so dark! How are we meant to see anything?


The look on both Sam and John’s face when Dean doesn’t just give in: wow.


The look on Dean’s face while Luther chokes Sam: god, I wrote so many protective!Dean fics. So many.


I really wanna know more about Pastor Jim.


Dean FINALLY stands up to his dad, and it’s because John’s ranting about Sam. Of course. OF COURSE.

God, I still love this show.


So, Dean’s pulled Sam from two fires and kept him from running into a third. Oh, boys.


And here’s Bobby!


Bobby: don’t hurt the meatsuit! she’s innocent!

Bobby: don’t exorcise the demon! it’ll kill the meatsuit!

Make up your mind, Bobby.


Okay, so when Azazel is using John to tell Dean how proud he is - is he remembering the hunter who once claimed to be the one who killed him? Is he having fun, saying what Dean always wanted John to say? What were his reasons?

And Sam picks his brother. Of course he does.


So John fights off Azazel for Dean, and Sam fights off Lucifer… and he’s still utterly sure he’s never enough.


“No, sir. Not before everything.”

And then: CRASH

I remember being so fucking pissed about this finale, because we didn’t know yet if the show was renewed. I was so fucking pissed.

On to the bloopers!

book log

Apr. 1st, 2017 08:11 pm
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(I rediscovered Supernatural fanfiction during the last week of the month, so my reading of books slowed down a little.)

January 5 – 6, 2017: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

January 7 – 8, 2017: Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce

January 9, 2017: Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce

January 10, 2017: The Realm of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

January 11, 2017: The One You Feed by EM Hollaway

January 12, 2017: Alanna The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

January 13, 2017: In the Hands of the Goddess and The Woman Who Rides Like a Man by Tamora Pierce

January 13 - 18, 2017: Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce

January 17 – April , 2017: Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education by Joan Poliner Shapiro & Jacqueline A. Stefkovich

January 18 - 19, 2017: First Test by Tamora Pierce

January 19 - 20, 2017: Page by Tamora Pierce

January 20 - 21, 2017: Squire by Tamora Pierce

January 21 - 23, 2017: Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce

January 23 - 24, 2017: Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce

January 24 – April , 2017: Decolonizing Methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples by Linda Tuhiwai Smith

January 24 – April , 2017: Educational Leadership for Ethics and Social Justice ed. by Anthony H. Normore & Jeffrey S. Brooks

January 25, 2017: Trickster’s Queen by Tamora Pierce

January 26 - 27, 2017: Tortall and Other Lands by Tamora Pierce

January 26 – April , 2017: Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education ed. Edward Taylor & David Gillborn & Gloria Ladson-Billings

January 27, 2017: Ferocious Fluffity by Erica S. Perl & Henry Cole

January 30, 2017: Serpents and Werewolves: Stories of Shapeshifters from around the World by Lari Don; I Am the Book, poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins & illustrated by Yayo; Imagine a City by Elise Hurt; Jumping Off Library Shelves, poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins & illustrated by Jane Manning; Eyes of the Unicorn by Teresa Bateman; Forgive Me, I Meant To Do It by Gail Carson Levine; Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

January 31, 2017: Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

February 1, 2017: Calling on Dragons & Talking to Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

February 1 - 2, 2017: Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede

February 2 - 3, 2017: Beauty by Robin McKinley

February 3, 2017: The Unicorn and the Moon by Tomie dePaula; Bang Bang I Hurt the Moon by Luis Amavisca & Esther G. Madrid; Bogo the Fox Who Wanted Everything by Susanna Isern & Sonja Wimmer; Also an Octopus by Maggie Tokuda-Hall & Benji Davies; The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep by Caroline Nastro & Vanya Nastanlieva

February 4, 2017: Cloaked in Red by Vivian Vande Velde; The Tale of Tam Linn by Lari Don & Philip Longson; The Secret of the Kelpie by Lari Don & Philip Longson

February 4 - 6, 2017: Once Upon a Dream by Liz Braswell

February 6, 2017: Three Good Deeds by Vivian Vande Velde

February 6 - 7, 2017: Under My Hat Tales from the Cauldron edited by Jonathan Strahan

February 7 - 8, 2017: Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell

February 8, 2017: Poisoned Apples Poems for You My Dear by Christine Heppermann; Girls and Goddesses Stories of Heroines from around the World by Lari Don

February 8 - 11, 2017: The Lost Empire of Atlantis by Gavin Menzies

February 9, 2017: The Search for Lost Cities by Nicola Barber

February 9 – April , 2017: Racial Battle Fatigue Exposing the Myth of Post-Racial America ed. by Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner & Katrice A. Albert & Roland W. Mitchell & Chaunda M. Allen

February 10 -11 , 2017: Atlantis The Andes Solution by JM Allen

February 11, 2017: The Cod’s Tale by Mark Kurlansky; One Hundred Details from the National Gallery by Kenneth Clark; Troll’s Eye View edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

February 12, 2017: Beware the White Rabbit edited by Shannon Delaney & Judith Graves

February 13, 2017: Historical Animals by Julia Moberg; Cinderella A Grimm’s Fairy Tale by Ulrike Hasselhoff

February 13 - 14, 2017: The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

February 14, 2017: Blood-sucking Man-eating Monsters by Kelly Regan Barnhill; The Turkey Girl by Penny Pollock & Ed Young; Beauty and the Beast by Mahlon F. Craft & Kinuko Y. Craft; The Rough-Face Girl by Rafe Martin & David Shannon

February 14 – April , 2017: Educating About Social Issues in the 20th and 21st Centuries Critical Pedagogues and Their Pedagogical Theories vol. 4 ed. by Samuel Totten & Jon E. Pedersen

February 15, 2017: Rosa Bonheur Painter of Animals by Olive Price

February 15 – 16, 2017: Sweetblood by Pete Hautman

February 16 - 19, 2017: Dinosaurs How They Lived and Evolved by Darren Nash & Paul Barrett

February 17, 2017: Cinderella a Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia

February 18, 2017: Beauty and the Beast by H. Chuku Lee & Pat Cummings; Previously by Allan Ahlberg & Bruce Ingman; Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty? By David Levinthal & John Nickle; Glass Slipper Gold Sandal a Worldwide Cinderella by Paul Fleischman & Julie Paschkis

February 19, 2017: Here There Be Monsters The Legendary Kraken and the Giant Squid by HP Newquist; Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz

February 19 – 21, 2017: The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse by Piu Marie Eatwell

February 20, 2017: Bigfoot CindeRRRRella by Tony Johnston & James Warhola; The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot by Scott Magoon

February 22, 2017: Nursery Tales Around the World by Judy Sierra; Giant Sea Reptiles of the Dinosaur Age by Caroline Arnold & Laurie Caple

February 22 - 28, 2017: Celestial Geometry by Ken Taylor

February 22 – 23, 2017: Classical Women Poets by Josephine Balmer

February 23, 2017: A Library for Juana by Pat Mora & Beatriz Vidal; Rosa Bonheur by Elbert Hubbard

February 24, 2017: The Lion & the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney; The Emperor and the Nightingale by Kuang-ts’ai Hao, Shih-ming Chang, & Nguyen Ngoc Ngan; Wild Wild Sunflower Child Anna by Nancy White Carlstrom & Jerry Pinkney; Lies, Knives, and Girls in Red Dresses by Ron Koertge

February 25 – March 1, 2017: The Tempest by Shakespeare (ed. by Barbara A Mowat & Paul Werstine)

March 1, 2017: The History and Uncertain Future of Handwriting by Anne Trubek; We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche; Women of the Sea Ten Pirate Stories by Myra Weatherly

March 1 - 2, 2017: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

March 1 - 16, 2017: The Moral Imperative of School Leadership by Michael Fullan

March 2, 2017: The Nightingale by Pirkko Vainio; The Nightingale by Stephen Mitchell & Bagram Ibatoulline; The Little Match Girl by Jerry Pinkney; Mama’s Nightingale by Edwidge Danticat & Leslie Staub; Little Red Riding Hood by Jerry Pinkney

March 2 – 5, 2017: Shady Characters The Secret Life of Punctuation, Symbols, & Other Typographical Marks by Keith Houston

March 2 - 8, 2017: The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

March 3, 2017: First Light First Life A Worldwide Creation Story by Paul Fleischman & Julie Paschkis; Anansi and the Box of Stories by Stephen Krensky & Jeni Reeves; The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman & Chris Riddell; The Parade a Stampede of Stories about Ananse the Trickster Spider by KP Kojo

March 3 - 6, 2017: Demand the Impossible a Radical Manifesto by Bill Ayers

March 4, 2017: The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul Goble; The King Who Rained by Fred Gwynne; Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know What Is a Synonym by Brian P. Cleary & Brian Gable; I’m, Won’t, They’re, and Don’t What’s a Contraction? By Brian P. Cleary & Gable; Cinder Edna by Ellen Jackson & Kevin O’Malley

March 5 - 6 , 2017: Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

March 5 – 7, 2017: Sappho by Diane J. Raynor & Andre Lardinois; Huntress by Malindo Lo

March 7, 2017: Blanchette et les Sept Petits Cajuns A Cajun Snow White by Sheila Hebert-Collins & Patrick Soper; Sleeping Beauty by Maja Dusikova

March 7 - 9, 2017: Feathers, Paws, Fins, and Claws Fairy-Tale Beasts ed. by Jennifer Schacker & Christine A. Jones, ill. By Lina Kusaite

March 8, 2017: Ash by Malinda Lo

March 9, 2017: The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner; Snow White A Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia; All the Dirt A History of Getting Clean by Katherine Ashenburg

March 9 - 12, 2017: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Verily, A New Hope by Ian Doescher

March 10, 2017: A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner; Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by Chihiro Iwasaki; Rapunzel A Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia; Imaginary Menagerie A Book of Curious Creatures by Julia Larios & Julia Paschkis; Beauty and the Beast A Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia; Matchless A Christmas Story by Gregory Maguire

March 11, 2017: The Little Match Girl by Rachel Isadora; The Girl Who Spun Gold by Virginia Hamilton and Leo & Diane Dillon; Little Red Riding Hood A Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia; The Sleeping Beauty by Trina Schart Hyman; The Little Mermaid A Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia; Sleeping Beauty A Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia

March 12, 2017: Sleeping Beauty by Margaret Early

March 13 - 15, 2017: Kraken by Wendy Williams

March 15, 2017: Instructions by Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess; Snoring Beauty by Bruce Hale & Howard Fine

March 16, 2017: Snow White An Islamic Tale by Fawzia Gilani & Shireen Adams; Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman & Skottie Young; The 21 Balloons by William Pene du Bois

March 17, 2017: The Cow of No Color Riddle Stories and Justice Tales from around the World by Nina Jaffe & Steve Zeitlin

March 18 - 21, 2017: Giants of the Lost World by Donald R Prothero

March 18, 2017: Daisy-Head Mayzie by Dr. Seuss; There’s a Wocket in My Pocket by Dr. Seuss; Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson; Cinderella (as if you didn’t already know the story) by Barbara Ensor; Sarah’s Unicorn by Bruce & Katherine Coville

March 20, 2017: Aladdin A Fairy Tale Adventure by Giada Francia

March 21, 2017: Aida by Leontyne Price and Leo&Diane Dillon; Octopuses by Kate Riggs; The Secret River by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Leo&Diane Dillon; Wind Child by Shirley Rousseau Murphy and Leo&Diane Dillon

March 22, 2017: A Wild Swan and Other Tales by Michael Cunningham

March 23, 2017: Megatooth by Patrick O’Brien; Paleo Sharks by Timothy J. Bradley; Earth Mother by Ellen Jackson and Leo&Diane Dillon

March 24, 2017: Turandot by Marianna Mayer & Winslow Pels; The Crystal Mountain by Ruth Sanderson; The Sleeping Beauty by Jane Yolen & Ruth Sanderson

March 25, 2017: The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Marianna Mayer & KY Craft; Princess Tales by Grace Maccarone & Gail de Marcken

March 26, 2017: The Snow Princess by Ruth Sanderson; The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Ruth Sanderson; Where Have the Unicorns Gone? By Jane Yolen & Ruth Sanderson

March 31, 2017: Skin Again by bell hooks & Chris Raschka; Would You Rather be a Princess or a Dragon? By Barney Saltzberg; Little Wing Learns to Fly by Calista Brill & Jennifer A Bell


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