Apr. 15th, 2017

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I didn’t like this episode the first time around, I’m probably not gonna like it now.


Does Castiel know the real plan yet?

Is this oath Dean makes here really binding? Because he doesn’t really obey anyone swiftly from here on out, if I recall correctly.


Do they ever find out Castiel’s the one who let him out?

Doesn’t that make Lucifer’s escape from the Cage HIS fault?


Why are the camera angles so wonky this episode?


Oh, look, Azazel is back.

Dude, he’s such a magnificent bastard because he wins. He dies, but he still wins.


I do like that the angels never understand Dean’s references.


I am definitely going to enjoy killing Zachariah.


Did Zachariah or Ruby change the voicemail? Does Sam ever find out it was faked?

Also, did Azazel and Ruby plan this all out together? Or did Ruby cobble it together after Azazel died?


You’re falling, Castiel.

In one of my fics, I have Gabriel think something like, Castiel has chosen Dean Winchester over Heaven, and doesn’t realize that Dean will always choose his little brother over everything else.


And here is Ruby, finally revealing what pretty much everyone knew for two seasons.

She also wins. Damn.


Hi, Lucifer.

You know, there were so many cooler things they could’ve done besides vessels. Why didn’t they go for Dean & Sam being Michael and Lucifer reborn as humans, like Anna? So many fics are better than canon.


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