May. 19th, 2017

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So I rewatched “Skin” the other dayand I still have a major problem with part of the episode.

Okay. So. You’ve been captured and tortured in your own home by a serial killer. You’re rescued by a SWAT team and taken to a hospital.

Then you WALK HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL ALONE. While there is a serial killer out there who will probably come back for you.

YOU WALK HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL ALONE. Why aren’t you in protective custody? How are you already well enough to leave the hospital, anyway? Why are there no friends or family with you?

Why the fuck aren’t your parents back from vacation since your brother was ARRESTED FOR MURDER a week ago?


This has been bothering me for TWELVE GODDAMN YEARS.

fun idea:

May. 19th, 2017 04:58 pm
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So, I know that canon (at least through season 6, as far as I’ve gotten) has it that the First Seal breaks when The (A?) Righteous Man sheds blood in Hell and that the Last Seal breaks with the death of the First Demon, and that for some reason it had to be Dean and Sam.

I also know that God actually shows up at some point and who that is.

BUT. What if Lucifer’s cage can only be unlocked by the person who created it and locked it in the first place? So the First Seal could only ever be broken by God.

So at some point (probably when God headed out for smokes and never went home) God decides that they should actually see what it’s like to be something non-omnipotent and locks away everything in order to be incarnated on Earth as literally every living thing in a cycle that will only end if something shocks them out of it - like, I don’t know, unknowingly opening the Cage and having to protect their little brother from the forces of both Heaven and Hell?

Through every life, they never knew. They lived and died and reincarnated so many times humans can’t comprehend it, but Dean remembers them all as Lucifer’s grace streams out of the Cage.

Because God hadn’t ever told anyone the true punishment: Lucifer was incarnated on Earth, too, and reincarnated over and over and over again, in a cycle that will only end when God allows it to. Except that God headed out for smokes and never went home, and for millennia, God wasn’t in any position to check on anything.

At the exact moment Dean is remembering, so is Sam. And neither one of them can bear to let the other know, not yet, because this final life as a mortal, it’s the most prevalent, and despite everything that God was/is/will be/has always been, at the moment they are Dean Winchester first and foremost - so God locks themself back inside Dean.

And Lucifer? He buries himself inside Sam’s consciousness, all those memories of a brother who sacrificed everything for him, who always put him first, who protected and sheltered and raised him, whose entire existence centered around him. His Grace pours into him and he locks it down. He can’t ever just be Sam again, but he pulls that last life, 25 years of memories, and wears it like a skin.

Season 5 starts with a Dean who doesn’t know he’s God and a Sam who’s actually Lucifer. Neither of them is a Vessel but there isn’t a being who knows that.

So. Yeah. I’ve seen fics with parts of that but never all of them. Does it exist?


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