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screaming loud enough to turn back the wind

i'm awake, and i'm young, and i'm alive

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Birthdate:Feb 29
Location:United States of America
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I am born. I do breathe. I am called to write. The end.

I have accounts at A03 and tumblr under the same name, as wildwolffree17, and as wild wolf free17.

(thanks to the lovely smilla02 for the above!)

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a raindance.

Also at dreamwidth.

Feel free to do whatever you like with my fics (I'd especially enjoy illustrations, if anyone felt so inclined) so long as you link me.

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alec hardison, baby donkeydragons, batman, big cats, black panthers, blaine anderson, british history, bruce wayne, canines, carnivores, castiel, cats, catwoman, chang wufei, chris colfer, chris evans, chris halliwell, chris pine, christian kane, clint barton, creation myths, daemon sadi, daniel jackson, david hewlett, dean winchester, derek hale, dinosaurs, draco malfoy, dracula, dragons, duo maxwell, dylan o'brien, edmund pevensie, eliot spencer, english history, fairy tales, felines, fire!boys, grammar, gray wolves, great white sharks, greek history, greek mythology, heero yuy, history, horses, jared padalecki, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jeremy renner, john "reaper" grimm, john allerdyce, johnny storm, joseph gordon-levitt, karl urban, kurt hummel, lance sweets, legends, leonard "bones" mccoy, lindsey mcdonald, loch ness monster, loki, lucas grabeel, lucivar yaslana, marinas trench, megalodons, methos, michael rosenbaum, mythological beasts, neal caffrey, oceans, pegasus, peter burke, poetry, prehistoric oceans, punctuation, puss in boots, pyro, quatre winner, reading, reptiles, ryan evans, ryan reynolds, sam winchester, sea monsters, sebastian stan, selina kyle, shane, shere kahn, snakes, sokka, spock, star trek, stiles stilinski, supernatural, sylar, talking polar bears, terry mcginnis, the black jewels trilogy, the changer, the flash, the magnificent seven, tigers, tom hardy, tom hiddleston, tommy solomon, tony stark, trowa barton, tyler hoechlin, unicorns, vampires, vin tanner, wally west, wednesday addams, werewolves, winged fire-breathing unicorns, winged horses, winged unicorns, writing, x5-493, x5-494, xander harris, zachary quinto, zuko
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